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Billet aluminium super-hard coated racing clutch kit for RGV250 VJ22 and RS250 (Will fit VJ21 if other parts are changed to suit)

The standard clutch is prone to wearing grooves causing sticking on the plates while the thick driven plate wears a groove and deposits swarf into the gearbox and clutch. The steel plates can overheat and warp causing clutch operation problems and fade. The plates are a very loose fit causing rattle and poor operation & snatchy response.
Our spring retainers hold the spring centrally for linear operation.
Our exclusive clutch solves all these issues, operating under race conditions with much less wear, aluminium plates give up heat quickly improving the life of friction material and reducing the chance of any warping. The weight saved improves acceleration of the engine and also removes some of the gyroscopic effect of the spinning mechanism.
The aluminium plates are machined with a depth marker for half and fully worn indications. They are a perfect fit so do not get thrown off centre, this means a much smoother rotation with the mass properly centralised.
Our special fastening system allows for easy swapping of primary gears without the need for special tools and rivets.

Very easy to fit and maintain, full instructions supplied. No modification to bike or engine required. You will need to re-use some minor parts from your old assembly, such as spacers and primary gear.

Kit Contents:
Plates Driven x6
Thrust Plate
Spring Retainers x6
Spring Bolts x6
Primary Gear Bolts x3


Standard Plates 358g
TTW 134g

Standard Hub 660g
TTW 448g

Standard Thrust Plate 280g
TTW 216g

Basket with primary gear fitted is a similar weight to stock.

Total saving on clutch 1/2 a kilogram !!!!

Faster - Stronger - Lighter

Special clause for parts made by Cougar Red: These parts or kits are designed and manufactured for competition use and are sold "as-is without warranty". The entire risk as to performance and quality is with the with the buyer. It is a condition of our making these parts available that it is solely the decision of each individual, rider, team member or team whether they choose to use any parts supplied and in doing so this absolves The Tuning Works & Cougar Red of any claims including and not exclusively for; inconvenience, damage to equipment and/or injury to personnel irrespective of how caused. Parts are sold strictly for motorsport use. Use on road may violate local laws and parts are therefore fitted to road going vehicles entirely at the owners risk. If you wish to return this product for a refund you must notify TTW within 7 days of receipt and the parts must be in original unused condition. It is assumed when ordering or fitting these parts that you accept these terms.
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On my first trip out on the RS I found the feel with the stock clutch and basket was awful, grabby in the wrong places and didn't like a digit giving it some abuse. After using hinson baskets on my mx bikes i thought I'd speak to Sean about the TTW clutch kit. I took his advice and bought the clutch kit. Instantly notice the feel and positive response from it!! Im not light and it didn't complain once with some slipping whilst out having a play. If you haven't got one, get one! I chose to do this before exhaust or any other mod's as good clutch is almost as important as good suspension! Thank Sean!

Rated by Dean Shelfer

I have fitted this clutch to my project bike along with a tall 1st gear .After allowing the bike to warm up and happy i had no leaks i engaged 1st gear , not convinced it had selected 1st , i engaged nuetral and then 1 st gear again, i'm now beginning to think i had rebuilt it correctly , i decided to let the clutch out anyway , to my surprise i had engaged 1st gear , normally i would get a clunk and lurch as i engaged the gear , smooth as silk engagement from this clutch , very impressive.Also you can forget about trying to lighten your flywheel ( unreliable to do so ) as this is a massive 500 grams lighter , it's just a shame you have to cover the clutch up out of sight ! regards Bonneville stu 58

Rated by Stuart Swift

This is an excellent piece of kit, I have just stripped the clutch for a winter rebuild after a seasons racing and it all looks like new, even the standard fibre plates are like new, which is a huge bonus after years of finding very heavily worn plates every winter with the standard clutch. Never had any issues with clutch slip and gives good feel. Even the oil looks clean compared to the black burnt smelling sludge I had grown used to over the years. Cannot recommend this enough, bolts straight on and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Rated by mark bamford

I have had this Clutch on my Land Speed RGV VJ22 since they were first released and it works so much better than the Standard Unit. It is so smooth and has no slip despite being subject to Land Speed racing. It deals with my modified engine and repeated high rpm launches due to my very tall Land Speed Gearing on take off. I also use the clutch during high rpm gear shifts and it always engages smoothly and allows me to minimise wheel spin. The Bike has also been on the Dyno for a total of 62 passes with this Clutch fitted while doing two different Engine set ups and there was no slippage. I did two test sessions on the Drag Strip and again the startline is hard on the Clutch, not a problem. If you really want to modify your RGV or Aprilia RS I would recommend this Clutch as a nice refinement and a way to enhance the reliability of your Bike.

Rated by Peter Healy

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