The Tuning Works is the sole provider of
APTEC MOTORSPORT cylinder reconditioning for
UK customers.

£1 profit from each cylinder is donated to
Wild Things Rescue - Ethical Rehabilitation of British Wildlife

The Tuning Works - RS250 Cylinders with Wiseco Pistons

Cylinder Bore Coating - Apticote 2000

Single Cylinder (2 or 4 stroke) – £182.40 + VAT
Twin Cylinder (Conjoined 4 stroke) – £340.00 + VAT
Twin Cylinder (Conjoined 2 stroke) – £362.50 +VAT
Triple Cylinder (Conjoined 4 stroke) – £450 +VAT
Four Cylinder – £608.35 + VAT


Bore oversize – add £34 + VAT
Cylinder Express – add £61 + VAT(Aim under 2 weeks)
Welding - add £60 + VAT for simple scoring or crack if the repair is judged possible

Return delivery:

UK Mainland DHL Next Day Fully Tracked (not insured) – £11.50 + VAT
(add courier insurance on the order form if required - subject to courier T&C's)

All cylinders are subject to a 9% Energy Surcharge until further notice.
All cylinders must be sent stripped of all steel, brass, rubber etc. Extra charges may apply if we have to remove parts and no liability is accepted for damage during removal.
If you send a cylinder alone, state the bore size required.
If you send with a piston (no rings req) state the clearance required.

TTW accepts no liabilty for losses by courier at any stage of the process.

THE APTICOTE 2000 ADVANTAGE Extended cylinder life – Ultra-wear resistant with a slicker, harder coating that’s better bonded to the substrate Higher performance – Even in the most demanding race conditions, from karts and off-roaders to GP bikes Superior oil retention – When you need it most, right up to and over 18,000 rpm, with improved resistance to scuffing Reduced friction – Between cylinder wall and piston ring, plus better surface lubricant retention Improved power – Delivering extra race-winning power over original supply or steel sleeves
Cylinder plating – 2 and 4 strokes engines, ally liners and rotary cylinders replated with Apticote 2000 Nickel Ceramic. Cylinder honing – Ensuring the correct surface finish by honing coated cylinder to precisely match Apticote 2000’s deposit characteristics. Port dressing – Extra care is taken to dress port edges to give the minimum chamfer allowing for exact port timing. Cylinder express – When your re-bore cannot wait, get up and running faster with cylinder express